As summer approaches, students who recently earned their bachelor's degrees from the UA's Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering took a moment to reflect on their senior year, their time at UA, and their plans for the future.

Kyle Everly
Kyle Everly said in a recent Daily Wildcat interview that he looked to job security to keep him focused throughout his time at UA. “And that’s really the basis; thinking over it, that’s what kept me going, like, ‘okay, gotta do this so I can have a good job,’” Everly said.

Cayleigh Mackenzie
Cayleigh Mackenzie initially declared her major in the College of Science. She asked Paul Blowers, a University Distinguished Professorif she could take his Chemical Engineering 201 class. After taking the class, Mackenzie said she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and changed her major to chemical engineering in her junior year.

Christina Morrison
Christina Morrison graduated in May with a bachelor's in chemical engineering after already obtaining an evolutionary biology bachelor's degree.
Morrison recently put a NASA Space Grant to use to find ways for astronauts to make their clothes last longer.

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